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IKEA Furniture Hacks You Have Not Thought Of

Unique Ikea Hack

IKEA Furniture Hacks You Have Not Thought Of #DIY #ikeafurniture

How far should you bury your roc in the ground? The depth will all depend upon the landscaping rock that you finally choose fro your yard. If you choose a very large landscaping rock then it should be deeper than a smaller landscaping rock. Four to six inches is a good depth for your landscaping rock to be buried.

It is easy to build a landscaping rock. All you need to do is dig a spot about the size of your landscaping rock and them place the rock into it. You can then just tuck some dirt into the spot around the rock and then you are done. Voila!

Think about it, this is what rocks and boulders look like when you see them out in nature. The next time that you are out taking a walk or you are hiking keep an eye out for any large rocks, look at how they sit in the dirt and then try to get the landscaping rock in your yard to look just as natural.

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