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Shoe Rack Set of 8 😍


We all know how difficult it can be to keep shoes organized. No matter how many times you line them up perfectly, they all end up in a pile on the floor of your closet. With the handy Shoe Rack (Set of 8) however, you are in possession of the ultimate space saver to help you organize both the storage and closet areas of your home! With our convenient organization system, each shoe occupies its own designated space, so you never have to dig through the pile for a missing shoe!

Ladder Safety Tips Using the Little Giant Ladder

We all know that do it yourself projects can be fun so it’s easy to forget that you need to take safety precautions at all times. So, here are some important safety tips to help keep you safe during your next home improvement project when using your Little Giant Ladder.

1. Read all warning labels and instructions before use.

2. Use the right ladder for the right job.

3. Respect gravity. Falling hurts so position your belt buckle between the side rails at all times. Make certain the area at the top and bottom of the ladder are clear of debris.

4. Keep the ladder slip free. Ladders are used for many different projects, so make sure it doesn’t have any oil, paint, grease or other hazards on the rungs and feet. And always keep your ladder dry and clean.

5. Lock it in place! To keep the ladder stable and to prevent it from folding, make sure any hinges or joints are securely locked before you step on.

6. Inspect the ladder before use. Before each use inspect the ladder for broken locks or rungs. Check to see if it is damaged or broken in any way.

7. Always face your ladder. To help prevent a falling accident, face the ladder when both ascending and descending. Never climb with your back towards the ladder.

8. Wear rubber soled shoes. When doing electrical work or when working outside, wear shoes with rubber soles to keep you grounded. Rubber soles can help keep a better grip on the ladder.

9. Stay away from the top two rungs. Because you can become very unstable when standing on the top two rungs, staying below the third rung when possible to help you keep your balance.

10. Use your ladder properly at all times. Avoid applying more weight than recommended, deviating from recommended use and make sure it’s long enough so you never tie two separate ladders together.

11. Keep your balance. While on the ladder, lean against it and keep your hips between the rails. Always hold onto the ladder with at least one hand.

12. Be sure to stabilize the ladder. When in the extended position, the top of the ladder should be placed firmly against the space you are working on. When working on a roof, be sure the ladder extends at least 3’ past the roofline. Place the bottom on a sturdy, even surface and stand on the first rung to check stability before ascending the ladder.

Using these safety tips will help keep you safe as you work on your next home improvement project.

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